Catching up on Dance Videos!

I’ve been living in Peru since June and i have been dancing as much as i have time!  I’ve upload a number of videos to my youtube channel but have not kept my blog up-to-date!  Thus, this is my catch up blog on dance videos of my time in peru.   Enjoy!

About 1 month after arriving i got connected with the local circus in Cusco, Peru.  This was me and my friend performing.  This was the first time my fire fans were used in a show!  Woo hoo!



After performing with the circus i went to the jungle for almost 2 weeks and performed in a real circus tent.  I got lots of practice with my fans.  When i got back i felt inspired and make this video in a Cusco fountain.


I went to Machu Picchu with a group of friend in August and i brought my fire fans.  This was a little street performance i did.



While here i have been working  a lot with the law of attraction and i especially love the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  This is me dancing to some of the teachings as delivered by Esther Hicks.



This was in Cusco at The Healing House in October.  The lighting wasn’t great so i played with video effects to hide that fact!


Mid October i attended a 10 day Vipassana here in Peru.  It was truly life changing.  I left inspired to further pursue my dance.  This was a day after the mediation ended.



I’ve been playing around with a little acro yoga while in peru.  This was a video a friend i made.  The skills are all his!



In mid November i moved to a small quiet town called Calca, Peru.  The house i stayed at had a small little studio.  These last 2 video are just me dancing and exploring my body,



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