Dance: Fire Dancing Reel

I was supposed to dance at a wedding yesterday but it fell through.  I had asked 3 other dancers to join me but none of them really committed and none of them showed up.  I had a feeling that would happen so i had a backup up plan to pull off a whole show myself!  I jumped in a moto taxi around  7 with my bag of goodies, costume and makeup  on, and headed to where i through the event was.  Turns out, the event was not where i thought it was.  We checked a few other possible locations and came up empty so i headed home.  On the way home i knew i wasn’t going to let the evening go to waste.  I also realized that there is a tremendous amount of earning power in what i do because there is no none else in the area doing it!  I decided to take my costume, make-up, fire toys, and playlist and head to the roof to make a video that would serve as a performance reel to help me book more shows.  Wedding, birthdays, bachelor parties, ect.  I will also be able to teach workshops where i can teach people to make their own toys, proper safety, and then they can play around!  After making the video i realized more light in the background would have been better so i might be remaking this soon.  For now, enjoy!

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