Dance: The 3 Year Journey

Three years ago i took a leap of faith and followed my heart not knowing where it would take me. Turns out it has taken me many places. All along the way i have been dancing and making videos. Finally, after three years of travels i am headed to yet another new place but this time it feels like i am heading home. I am about to move to Bogota, Columbia and launch a kickstarter to open The Creative Space. If you don’t know what The Creative Space is, i invite you to click the link to be re-directed to the website!

In part, The Creative Space will be a place for me to blossom! I have been working toward making a career as a dancer/choreographer for a few years but i have lacked the time and space i feel i need to really develop my gift. Despite that, i try to dance whenever and where ever i can. Here on my blog, under the Dance category you can view numerous videos dating back to December 2010. I also invite you to check out my other categories. I love poetry, music, and good food too. For the scope of this post i’ve selected some “dance highlights” . Enjoy!

Dancing in the Badlands ~ Dec 2010 ~ Badlands, SD
Just starting a 6 month leave of absence from Boeing, about to head to The Big Island, Hawaii. I took a road trip from Seattle, WA to Burnsville, MN for Christmas and to drop off my dog and car at my parents. It was cold, but i stopped for a little dance in the badlands.

Hare Krishna ~ June 2011 ~ Kalani Oceanside Retreat ~ Big Island, Hawaii
Towards the end of my stay in Hawaii. In the studio at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.

Good Life ~ Nov 2011 ~ Cloud Mountain Retreat
After 6 months in Hawaii I found myself volunteering/living at a Buddhist retreat center in Washington State. Cloud Mountain Retreat Center. When there were no meditation retreats scheduled i got to dance in the space!

Faeries ~ Dec 2011 ~ Studio Nia ~ Portland, OR
After about 2.5 months at Cloud Mountain, i made my way a bit more south to Portland, OR. In portland i was dancing and taking a lot of Nia classes. This was around Christmas.

Dream ~ Feb 2012 ~ America’s Got Talent Audition
In February i went to San Francisco and auditioned for America’s Got Talent. This was the song i auditioned too, although was mostly improvising i don’t know if this is what i did!

Wild Child ~ May 2012 ~ The Lotus Seed ~ Portland, OR
While living a Portland i was teaching Nia at the lotus seed and i got to use the space for free time as well. I started playing around with point, just for fun! This video was the first time i had put on point shoes in 15 years. For some reason i decided to blind fold myself!

Be OK ~ June 2012 ~ Sunset Athletic Club ~ Portland, OR
While living in Portland i was also teaching Nia at Sunset Athletic Club. On this day no body came to class, so i had some fun with myslef!

So You Think You Can Dance ~ June 2013
Soon after the America’s Got Talent Audition, i tried out for So You Think You Can Dance. They ended up using me as a featured contestant on the show. It aired in June 2012. It was a wonderful experience, and i am proud to share it, but as soon as i saw it i vowed that i would eventually go back. I felt i could dance much better than i did… AND they switched the song i danced to in post processing… just sayin’…

There is a long gap in videos from June 2012 to February 2013. During this time i was was living for a little bit off the grid at Breitenbush Hotsprings, and then i moved down to Sedona, AZ. While in Sedona i found myself performing with a local circus as a freestyle dancer. By the end of my time there, i had developed a fascination for fire dancing!

The Smokey Mirror ~ Feb 2013 ~ Youth Dance Ensemble ~ Burnsville, MN
After just 3 months in Sedona, MN i made my way back to my hometown. At this time i was dancing when i had time at the studio of my childhood dance teacher! This is to spoken word from book “The Four Agreements”.

Fire Fans First Dance ~ May 2013 ~ Burnsville, MN
Once it warmed up in MN i got myself a pair of fire fans! This was my very first time playing with them… without fire!

Price Tag ~ August 2013 ~ Machu Picchu, Peru
Right around the time my fire fans arrived i felt a call to move to Peru, so i did! Once i arrived a immediately got connected with the local circus and started performing. I took a trip to Machu Picchu and brought my fans and set up my tripod in the main square.

We Can be anything ~ August 2013 ~ Pisac, Peru
I ended up living in a house with a wonderful temple space that i used to dance in. I am a huge fan of Abraham Hicks and the teachings on the law of attraction. This is me dancing to some spoken work of the teachings!

Vipassana ~ October 2013 ~ Calca, Peru
In October i attended a 10 day vipassana meditation. On the final day of the mediation, after 9 days of silence and 9+ hours of mediation a day, a woman approached me and we began a conversation, as conversation is allowed on the 10th day. She informed me that this was her 13th ten day mediation and she explained how after so many, one develops a certain amount of clairvoyance. I immediately felt this to be true. She then went on to tell me, with passion and enthusiasm that i should move to Bogota, Columbia. She went on to say things like “you will start a dance company there”, “people will understand and embrace you there”, “you will produce shows at the Teatro Colon”. As she was saying these things to me it wasn’t like i was being spoken to by a women i had just met. It was very clear to me that this women was channeling a message to me from my spirit guides. She seemed like my guardian angel/fairy Godmother. She was telling me that i could do everything i ever dreamed as a child in Bogota. As she was speaking i KNEW with 100% certainty that i would soon be moving to Columbia. As she spoke i was overcome with both excitement over the possibilities, and also some deep seated fear over all of my dreams coming true. Or more accurately put, fear of seeing a practical vision of my dream, and having it NOT come true. So, i am moving to Bogota to dance, thanks to Vipassana!

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