poem: a forgotten friend

i don’t know when i wrote this but i just stumbled upon it today.  I assume i wrote it in Hawaii but i don’t really know.  Interestingly enough, thoughts of this person have recently surfaced again and i find myself constantly thinking about forgiveness and what i can do to foster more of that quality.  It comes with time and intention and i’m certain i will get there when i am supposed to.

a forgotten friend – sometime between april and sept 2011

who are you
i don’t know you anymore
you once told me you loved me
and then you walked right out the door

i used to see you as a joyous loving friend
but now i don’t feel that you are someone
on which i can depend

it’s been a year and a half now
since you threw our love away
now i’m questioning my ability to forgive
even though i wish it wasn’t this way

you cast a dark shadow on me
i hate that it is there
before you i knew no such feelings
of anger and despair

you’re a cold hearted snake
i don’t want to look into your eyes
i don’t trust you anymore
i think you are full of nothing but lies

lies you tell yourself
about the way your life should be
the path where you live with your darkness
living with it won’t set you free

and then i get awareness
that you don’t know how to do it right
because you soul is a small scared child
and your soul just isn’t very bright

and so i ask myself now
is it my responsibility
to suffer along side of you
so that i can finally make you see

the Light that you saw in me
burns brightly inside of you
but i’m the only one who can ignite it
and i will if you ask me to  <3

photo: Forgiving Eyes 10.6.2011

2 Responses to “poem: a forgotten friend”

  1. liaaz says:

    the poem is pretty amazing however the picture above of the raccoons does not really go along with it

    • Divine de Flame says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. 1) not inspired by Steve Job’s actually. Wrote it just before his passing became the big headlines. 2) As for the picture, the racoons represent me and the person who inspired the poem. Racoons wear “masks” and come out at night, ect. it’s actually very symbolic and relevant to the poem, i think anyway! :-)

      here’s more on raccoons: http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/raccoon.htm

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