Poem: Africa

there have been many many time over the course of the past few years when i have sensed myself as African… not by skin or race in this lifetime, but something i my soul.  Something related to rhythm.  Something related to suffering.  Then in January when i was in Bogota i met a guy on the street who sensed it too.  He was a spanish speaking black guy.  A street artist.  Old and poor.  Not homeless, but probably close.  I think most American would have been scared of him.  I def got worried looks when i hugging him and was dancing with him in the street.  I knew our connection, and so did he, but we could never put it into words.  He knew i didn’t speak much spanish, and he didn’t speak much English, but he just kept saying “we’re from Africa”.   Anyway, i realize i can’t really do this story justice without writing A LOT, but i wanted to use it as an into to a poem i wrote after i met him.  Uncle Lucas.  I just met him, but we had known each other forever.  My computer crashed while i was in Bogota and i thought i lost my HD but it turned out to be something else.  When i got the HD back up, a month and a half later, this unfinished poem was on the desktop.  I added 2 words at the end “Planet Earth” and i’m leaving the rest as is.  Enjoy.

Africa  1.27.2014

i belong to the street

star people sittin’ back

talkin’ smack

about each countries

presidential hack


all around people are rising up

from the street, spittin’ beats

that birth forth from the core

that african tigers gonna’ make roar

make your heart soar


cuz i’m from

Africa Man

I’m from Africa

Your from Africa


that ‘s what he said

and i knew it to be true

he knew what i knew


it was me, he could see

remember me?

he asked


it’s your friend Lucas

Africa man


but this white girl on the outside of me

could never really make you see

what it feels like come from the dark

from the depth

the beginning of time

there were only a few humans left


it was the cycles of life who out lasted the rest

they were the last cuz they were the best

when the world had crumbled and there was nothing left

after the space beings came

and then left them for death


it was a death they the didn’t fear

this was their home

they felt comfortable here


Planet Earth

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